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Transformations: from Males to Men  Book Reviews

The author's transformational book, successfully interweaves historical and current events as background to provide a basis for alleviation of the challenges African American  men face in  their many roles as sons, father, husbands, citizens and leaders in today's society. This book  is a journey certainly worth taking.

Anthony W. Robinson, Esq., - Attorney, President of the Minority Business Legal Defense and Education Fund, Washington, DC.

Transformations: from Males to Men, is both insightful and introspective, and provides a thought provoking journey for the reader. I would love to see this book used as part of our youth mentoring process in the schools and larger presentations.

Bro Charles Wheeler IV - (100 Black Men of Prince Georges County)

As Black men, we shine and shine brightly. This brightness threatens the lies told about us. Transformation: from Males to Men allows people to see how beautiful we are without the blinders as we embrace positive change and not self-destruction.

Rev. Jumanne B. Bradford - Youth Minister, ProfXs.h.o.n. Works Ministries,  LLC,  (100 Black Men of Prince Georges County)

Ghana's SANKOFA motto, “Go back and fetch it”, is clearly applicable for the purveyor of the wisdom presented by Jesse Sharpe in Transformation: from Males to Men. As a golfer and man involved in the business of golf, the parallels between success in the game of golf and the game of life, as presented in the book, are eerily prophetic. Sharpe presents an easy to read, profound pronouncement of the principals for the growth and sustained viability of the world's Black men.

Carnelious Jones - Businessman, Entrepreneur, and Professional Golf Manager

Transformations Trailer
Transformations Trailer