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ABOUT THE BOOK:  Everyone seems to agree that a Chapter is composed of people working toward common objectives. Until now, most books on Chapter Leadership focus solely on operational and strategic planning, marketing and PR, and membership recruitment and retention. Based on the seven principles of Kwanzaa, The Seven Principles of Chapter Success is a comprehensive and important milestone in the merging of Nguzu Saba (N-goo-zoo Sah-ba) and the implementation of the seven Kwanzaa principles for not only contributing to the growth of a Chapter, but also for grounding it in both a functional and cultural perspective. Stylish in format, articulate in expression, panoramic in scope, and provocative in discussion, the Handbook’s principles (unity [Umoja], identity [Kujichagulia], collective work and responsibility [Ujima], cooperative economics [Ujamaa], purpose [Nia], creativity [Kuumba], and faith [Imani]) detail an incomparable, rich, African-centered perspective on value. Sharpe’s emphasis on Chapter member respect and an organization’s celebration of the person is a major theme throughout and ties its significance with a one-of-a-kind holistic approach.


 “The Seven Principles of Chapter Success is the roadmap to starting your organization on the right foot. Of benefit to any organization, its plan leads you through the minefield of mistakes chapter leaders undoubtedly stumble and fall into.” Barbara Barros, Former Boston Public City Schools Administrator

“The cultural view and principle application of The Seven Principles of Chapter Success can be used as best practice by any professional organization looking to build successful professional development, advocacy, and training programs. The creative, yet effective application of Kwanzaa principles to teach process improvements makes this book unique.” Marion Allen, Current Region XI Council President


“The Seven Principles of Chapter Success is powerful, thoughtful, and resourceful.  It is a step-by-step purposeful guide to engage, empower, and sustain membership. Jesse Sharpe has hit the nail in the head in reminding us that to value and to respect a workforce is the sure way to inspire and get their best performance to reach the bottom line goals.” Patricia M. Coleman, President, SIETAR-USA


JESSE SHARPE graduated with a BA degree in Creative Writing from Eckerd College.  A parent, mentor, and former teacher, he makes his home in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and greatly enjoys writing poetry, specifically Haiku (hi-koo).  He is the National 1st Vice President-elect of Blacks In Government and currently serves on the Board of Directors of Roots Public Charter School, located in Washington, D.C.

The Seven Principles of Chapter Success: Tapping the Power Within Your Organization by Jesse Sharpe

paperback • perfect bound • 113 pages •  ISBN-13: 978-1519703217 • cover price: $12.00

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